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Photographed by Alison Adriano © 2017

“The tattoos are engagement rings. Except we don't really tell people we're engaged because its really weird because we can't actually get married... like if something happened to her and she was at a hospital I couldn't say 'I need to see my wife' they wouldn't take you seriously. 'Girlfriend' or 'partner' just doesn't have the same weight... "

"I'm Australian and I was born in Australia, my mum is Macedonian and my dad is Italian" "I've never identified with Irish culture, so I've always identified as Aboriginal" "Families that have come together in a non traditional sense, family not being defined by biology or by blood but by connection" "Between us it's like friendship and sisterhood, when I think of family I literally think of Steph"

“we met last year coming out of winter…it was spring…originally we met on the internet in facebook groups and networks for people of colour and non binary people and then through a mutual friend of ours we finally met in person, and then we just started hanging out, realized that our position on the spectrum was quite similar…” “its like we’ve known eachother for years, I feel like I can just be 100% myself” “definitely one of those friendships were we haven’t known eachother for long but we can share anything and know there’s no judgement whatsoever” “the friends I’ve made on these facebook groups like Meme, they just know everything that’s going around them, they read articles, they read the current issues, they’ve educated me so much, and its so important that us as young people have friends who are people of colour and going through the same sort of stuff” “it’s a good one- you’re a good egg” “you’re a good egg”

“We made eye contact from across the street as I was sitting in my car, there was a strange obvious connection, so he and his mates pulled their car up next to mine and he asked what I was up to, learned that I was new to the area and so he invited me over for dinner that night with friends. We awkwardly exchanged numbers, and to his surprise I actually showed up. I trusted my instinct and went to this strangers house... I went to the shops with them first, it was like a game of quickly & subtly investigating each other! and that was it, we've been together ever since!”

“we’re super open and playful with eachother, so we can kind of be mean to eachother and then redeem it” “we’re really honest with one another, we are very compatible as people not only in our personas, manic energies and perceived flaw kind of states, like our coping mechanisms are quite similar.. and then we can talk to eachother about it, and help eachother through it” “we have little tiffs pretty frequently then we can get over it quickly almost immediately and laugh about it, there’s no need to be precious around eachother” “when we go to the coffee shop around the corner, people thought we were sisters, that is kind of like the closest if you had to sum it up in an umbrella term I would say it feels like a sibling kind of relationship”

“I think in our relationship we try to remain conscious of any form of marginalization because we come from quite a privileged background we try to make sure we check in with ourselves a lot to make sure we are not discriminating” “it informs what we talk about and what we are passionate about”

“we’ve known eachother since we I was 9- I had never interacted or had a friend that wasn’t white, and I was pretty much the only person that was brown in my school at the time, and I never had that companionship with someone looked like me, Zee came to my school and her first day she was in my class and they sat her down next to me, because we were the only black people in the school- and when I found out that she had a white mum and a black dad I was like oh my god me too! I couldn’t even deal with it because I had never met anyone who was like me before” “we have similar backgrounds in the sense that both our mums are white Australian and our dads are west indian” “so for the next how many years we have dealt with that type of thing together, and experienced that together, Maya’s kind of like my sister but no in annoying way- she’s like my sister without the annoying attributes to it” “since we’ve known eachother forever, there’s so much comfort, and there’s nothing that we can’t talk about, there’s no like friction”

“I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this relationship, and also with Teneka my girlfriend as well- you need people around you that understand you from more of an inside sense because they’ve lived it to. We don’t have to explain it or justify ourselves we get it, it’s instinctive that these things are wrong and these things hurt us” “I full on relaxed my hair” “I straightened my hair till the point it was pretty much relaxed, we tried to strip our away our identities so much, and it wasn’t until Maya and I found self love we started wearing our natural hair, and speaking up against things that are ignorant or offensive”

“one time we went fruit picking in the suburbs of Kew- so they went for walks and plucked fruits from people’s trees, we were kind of going for walks and using sticks and leaning over into people’s yards, and we came back with like a whole basket of fruit- like every fruit, orange, mandarin, kumquats, lemon, passionfruit” “I feel like if I did that anyone else it would be like ‘what are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing that’ but for us it’s like ‘lets make a fruit juice’ ‘oh we have no money to buy fruit’ ‘well let’s go out and steal people’s fruit and make our own fruit juice’