(10 minute,  16mm short film)

Salt in Wounds Teaser from alison adriano on Vimeo.

When a reckless Filipino Aussie teenager realizes her boyfriend watches only Caucasian porn, she must rediscover her sense of belonging in White Australia.

Written, Directed and Edited by Alison Adriano
Produced by Elise Tyson
Co-Produced by Harrison Leech
Cinematography by James Moriarty
Production Design by Geraldine Docherty
Original Score by Dylan Hill

London Short Film Festival (BAFTA Accredited) 2019
Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019
New Rennaissance Film Festival Amsterdam 2019
BabesFest Austin 2019
Femme Frontera Showcase 2018
San Francisco Indie Fest 2018

Programmers Choice Award for Best Short Film (Melbourne Women Film Festival) 2019
Best Short Drama Nomination (New Rennaisance Film Festival Amsterdam) 2019